Local Chapters of the FAIR Institute provide the opportunity to meet with your peers across a variety of industries in your geographical area to learn from each other’s expertise and operational practices and to exchange views on possible applications of FAIR. As a Chapter Chair, you will help drive progress in the risk management profession and establish yourself as a leader in your community.

Rules for Establishing a FAIR Institute Chapter

  • Prospective Chair of local FAIR Chapter shall obtain and maintain FAIR Institute membership
  • Prospective Chair of local FAIR Chapter shall be OpenFAIR Certified prior to Chair Appointment
  • A minimum of 30 members present in the related geographical area must be interested in forming a local FAIR Chapter
  • Prospective Chair shall commit to a minimum initial term of 1 year
  • Prospective Chair shall hold quarterly meetings
  • Prospective Chair Appointment shall require final approval from the President of the FAIR Institute
  • Chapter promotions/invitations will be managed via the FAIR Institute platform
  • Chapter Chairs are required to attend and potentially participate at the annual FAIR Conference
  • Currently, Chairs operate on a fully voluntary basis, without any exchange of monetary goods or fees
The FAIR Institute, at its sole discretion, may create and/or disband a Chapter; and appoint, remove, or replace a Chapter Chair should the FAIR Institute determine a Chair and/or Chapter fail to perform the responsibilities and obligations outlined herein. The FAIR Institute may revise the responsibilities and obligations of a Chair and or Chapter at any time.

Apply to become a Local Chapter Chair