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GRC and CRQ - A (Good) Story of Codependency - Sponsored Webinar with Ostrich Cyber-Risk

Video with Slides | Ostrich Cyber-Risk

In order to understand how best to plan for and execute Cyber Risk Quantification (CRQ) as a practice and a program, it’s best to start by understanding how it fits into more traditional Governance Risk Compliance (GRC).
Leveraging a CRQ tool in a GRC program provides a means to measure cyber risk levels objectively. CRQ is not intended to ‘replace’ or ‘bolt on’ to an existing GRC program. Instead, CRQ informs an evolution of existing practices, and those practices plus CRQ must be taken into consideration as they blend into an enhanced approach to decision-making by leveraging the common ground: METRICS.  
In this webinar, you will learn how GRC programs and CRQ tools together will help you:
  • More accurately estimate and track exposure of financial losses
  • Prioritize between compliance and regulation requirements
  • Prioritize cyber investments, allocate budget and adjust strategy  
  • Highlight the decrease in potential financial losses to determine which regulatory or compliance requirement is worth investing in
  • Inform stakeholders how you are meeting new cyber regulations
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