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How to Achieve SEC Compliance with Real-time and Automated FAIR Solution - Safe Security Sponsored Webinar

Video with Slides | Safe Security

New SEC Cyber Risk Disclosure Rules mandate transformation in how publicly traded companies identify, measure, and report on the cyber risks that hit the level of material impact. Businesses need to develop frameworks and processes to make this fundamental shift swiftly. But how?

Join this sponsored webinar with Molly Slocum, Director of Product Management from our Technical Advisor, Safe Security, moderated by Jack Jones, author of the FAIRTM methodology and Chairman of FAIR Institute. Molly will present on how you can provide your organization with automated, real-time, and quantitative risk management program based on FAIRTM

Get actionable insights on how to:

  • Automate FAIRTM to measure the probable material impact of cyber risk
  • Report on material cyber risks in financial terms that satisfy regulators and your Board
  • Demonstrate a transparent cybersecurity strategy protecting investor interests using the most advanced, AI-driven solution.

Plus, hear real customer use cases of how AI-driven Cyber Risk Quantification has equipped businesses to identify, measure, and communicate cyber risk in real-time. 

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