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Integrating Strategic Cyber Threat Intel and FAIR, Musso Shaikh, Cyber Threat Intel, Fannie Mae

Video with Slides | FAIRCON

Video recording and slide deck attached below.

A mutually beneficial relationship exists between threat intelligence and quantitative risk assessments via FAIR. Threat intelligence benefits risk assessments by providing an accurate picture of the threat landscape supporting the creation of a cyber risk register grounded by real world events and data. Quantitative Risk assessments provide threat intelligence a common lexicon, based on dollars and cents, in which to interface with senior executives to include the CEO and Board of Directors who expect their Information Security divisions to articulate risk exposure just as other business units. The objective of this presentation is to show how Fannie Mae has integrated threat intelligence into FAIR assessments and share lessons learned from our experience.

Leading the session today is Musso Shaikh Program Manager, Cyber Threat Intelligence at Fannie Mae, an experienced FAIR practitioner, program manager and in-house evangelist who has shared her knowledge many times at our past FAIR Institute Events.

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