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Measurement Planning Webinar - Sponsored Webinar with Ostrich Cyber-Risk

Video with Slides | Ostrich Cyber-Risk

Often, when getting started with CRQ, organizations tend to focus on how to quantify individual scenarios.  While this is an important step, it soon becomes clear that measuring risk for decision support purposes requires a suite of scenarios working in combination to suit a variety of purposes.  This “scenario suite” should be treated as one entity composed of individual scenarios that are collectively comparable, fit for purpose, re-useable, and sustainable.   At this webinar, we will introduce the concept of developing a “Measurement Plan”  to support this concept and we will touch on several techniques that can be used to assure your Cyber Risk Quantification work meets both current and future needs.

Speaker Bio:

Jack Whitsitt, Director of CRQ at Ostrich Cyber Risk, is a long-time practitioner and leader in the Cyber Risk Quantification space.  Backed by over two decades of information security experience ranging from manipulating bits and bytes to weighing in on international policy, he also has seven years of quantified decision support experience building FAIR-based programs for organizations large and small.  Jack has also spent several years volunteering in non-profit roles advocating for and advancing the state of the art of quantified information risk analysis. 

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