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Weaving a Safer Web: Significant Risks from Insignificant Details - RiskRecon Sponsored Webinar

Video with Slides | RiskRecon

Please find the full reports mentioned in the webinar on the RiskRecon Resource Section here:

As organizations continue to adjust to the current digital climate security teams have had to shift their focus - enhancing work-from-home security measures, managing changes to the digital supply chain, monitoring the ever-expanding data universe - but recent research has shown that some businesses are ignoring some basic security principles, thus leaving themselves exposed to serious threats.

RiskRecon and Cyentia Institute examined how organizations are handling essential security practices and the impact of failing to manage these properly. The research has found that:
• 33% of firms are failing at the most basic cybersecurity practices
• Having any TLS 1.2 incompatible hosts increases an organization’s high/critical finding density by 70%
• Firms exposing 9+ unsafe services have 5x higher rate of security findings

Watch the recording of the webinar above as Dr. Wade Baker, Partner at Cyentia Institute and Jon Ehret, VP of Strategy & Risk from RiskRecon discuss the findings from our research study and the security implications facing organizations who are not following these foundational security practices.