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Webinar - Understanding CRQ - A Buyers Guide Review V2

Video with Slides | Thought Leadership

**Video and Slide Deck available below**

What is cyber risk quantification? Check the websites of 20 cyber security or risk solutions vendors and you’ll likely get 20 different definitions of CRQ, all of them conveniently tailored to the vendor’s product. Now, here’s a chance to hear directly from Jack Jones, creator of the standard model for cyber risk quantification, Factor Analysis of Information (FAIR™), recognized by the National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework and other authorities. 

Jack will answer your questions on:

  • The definition of CRQ and its value
  • Common concerns about CRQ adoption
  • Risk measurement techniques you shouldn’t confuse with CRQ
  • Questions to ask a CRQ vendor
  • Red flags to warn you off a vendor

Cyber risk management programs must be able to effectively prioritize an organization’s cyber risk concerns and choose cost-effective solutions,” Jack writes in the Buyer’s Guide. ”Both are predicated on the ability to measure cyber risk accurately.”

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