Honoring Excellence in Information and Operational Risk Management

The FAIRTM Awards honor risk management leaders for their initiative, ingenuity and contributions to Information and Operational Risk Management. The awards recognize the deep impact that these professionals have on their organizations by enabling operational excellence and effective decision-making, and in balancing the need to protect their organizations while running the business.

Please read the criteria below and complete the form to nominate your FAIRTM champions. Award winners are announced at the annual FAIR Conference.

Business innovation and technology innovation are often connected. Innovative risk officers are disrupting the status quo by leveraging new analytic capabilities and by enabling the communication and management of information risk from the business perspective. This award recognizes those risk professionals who have successfully applied FAIR principles to drive innovation.

Successful nominees can demonstrate how they used FAIR principles to reach goals such as:
  • Transitioning from a compliance-based to a risk-based approach to information security and operational risk
  • Pioneering how to implement a FAIR program through novel and creative applications that expand FAIR usage into other domains
  • Communicating to the board and the business in financial terms to enable a business analysis of information risk and effective decision-making
  • Demonstrating the impact of security investments and other risk mitigations on enterprise loss exposure
  • Optimizing the information security budgets based on explicit, quantified risk targets
  • Integrating quantitative risk analysis in operational decision-making processes
  • Enabling strategic business decisions such as new projects, partnerships and acquisitions, by helping achieve the balance between the opportunity and the associated risk
  • Implementing key reporting mechanisms indicating an organization's loss exposure over time

Transitioning to a business-aligned and data-driven culture within information risk requires leadership: intellect to envision and explain, understanding to address fear, evangelism to motivate, and courage to manage through unknowns. This award recognizes leaders at the forefront of their organization’s FAIRTM initiative who get data owners on board, stakeholders to help improve analysis, and decision-makers to adopt the resulting analytics as an integral part of their strategies, decision-making processes and operating rhythms.

Successful FAIR Champions can demonstrate a track record of reaching goals such as:

  • Driving an explicit, data-driven culture for managing information risk
  • Making FAIRTM reporting a core component of monthly or quarterly operational meetings, business reviews, strategy and planning and other decision-oriented meetings
  • Providing new insights that influence decision-makers Driving important, quantified improvements in source data quality
  • Integrating FAIRTM data and analysis into existing decision-making processes
  • Educating IT and business executives about FAIRTM and the importance of its adoption
  • Evangelizing FAIRTM through community engagement, such as through the FAIR Institute

FAIR Ambassador image

The FAIR Ambassador Award serves to recognize a specific member’s work in bringing FAIRTM and the FAIR Institute to a new part of the world. The winner of this award is an individual that has helped spread the knowledge of FAIRTM into a new city, state, country, or continent, at both governmental and enterprise level.

Successful FAIR Ambassadors can demonstrate a track record of reaching goals such as:

  • Establishing leadership by creating and hosting a local chapter in their respective area
  • Making FAIRTM education a core component of monthly or quarterly chapter meetings
  • Further promote FAIRTM and spread awareness by speaking and presenting at different industry events and conference
  • Contribute to the FAIR Institute by providing thought leadership content
  • Providing new insights that influence decision-makers 
  • Educating IT and business executives about FAIRTM and the importance of its adoption



Cedric De Carvalho
  2022 FAIR Business Innovator
  Cedric de Carvalho
  Cyber Risk Manager 
  Richemont International SA
Neil Davis
   2022 FAIR Champion
   Neil Davis 
   Head of Cyber Risk Management
Caleb Juhnke 
  2022 FAIR Ambassador
  Caleb Juhnke
  Sr. Risk Engineer, Equinix
  Kansas City Chapter Co-Chair





Zach Cossairt
  2021 FAIR Business Innovator
  Zach Cossairt,
  Information Security Program Manager,
Chris Porter
   2021 FAIR Champion
   Christopher Porter 
   Chief Information Security Officer
   Fannie Mae
Tom and Christophe  2021 FAIR Ambassadors
  Tom Callaghan & Christophe Foret
  Co-Chairs, Paris Chapter
  Co-Founders, C-Risk


Emery Csulak B&W
  2020 FAIR Business Innovator
  Emery Csulak
  Principal Deputy Chief Information Officer
  U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)
Harold Marcenaro B&W
   2020 FAIR Champion
   Harold Marcenaro 
   Digital Risk Officer
   Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP)
Tony Martin-Vegue B&W
  2020 FAIR Ambassador
  Tony Martin-Vegue
  Senior Risk Engineer


  2019 FAIR Business Innovator
  Ian Amit
   2019 FAIR Champion
   Sharon Mudd
   Risk Manager
   Pearson Education
  2019 FAIR Ambassador
  Osama Salah
  UAE Dept. of Finance
  Chair, Abu Dhabi Chapter


 2018 FAIR Business Innovator
 Omar Khawaja
 Highmark Health
  2018 FAIR Champion
  Jack Freund
  Director, Cyber Risk
2018 FAIR Ambassador
Jason Ha
Director of the Digital Trust Risk Assurance Program
PwC Australia


  2017 FAIR Business Innovator
  Roland Cloutier
2017 FAIR Champion   
David Sheronas
Bank of America



  2016 FAIR Business Innovator
  Christopher Cooper
  VP, Operational Risk
  Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated

2016 FAIR Champion
Joel Baese
InfoSec Governance & Risk Analysis Director