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Safe Security is the leader in AI-driven cyber risk management. It has redefined cyber risk measurement and management with its real-time, data-driven approach that empowers enterprise leaders, regulators, and cyber insurance carriers to understand cyber risk in an aggregated and granular manner. Since becoming the Technical Advisor to the FAIR Institute, Safe Security brings together the power of the world’s most advanced cyber risk analytics model, FAIR, supported by practitioners in over 50% of Fortune 500 companies, with the world’s most advanced AI-fueled Cyber Risk Cloud of Clouds, processing over three billion signals a day.

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Protiviti is a global consulting firm that delivers deep expertise, objective insights, a tailored approach and unparalleled collaboration to help leaders confidently face the future. Their team of subject matter experts understand the range and magnitude of financial impact from cyber incidents on organizations. Protiviti is the Founding Advisory Partner of the FAIR Institute.

Protiviti works with clients to establish adaptive cyber risk measurement programs to help quantify the risk, simplify the process and ultimately inform leadership on the cybersecurity risk their organizations face.

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Ostrich Cyber-Risk helps organizations reduce the complexity of identifying, quantifying and communicating cyber and operational risks related to your cybersecurity posture. Benchmarked against NIST CSF with references to best standards (NIST 800-53, ISO 27001, CIS 18, and more), the Birdseye™ SaaS solution offers both Assess and Quantify models, allowing you to perform a thorough, qualitative assessment and quantitative analysis of your risk all in one application.

The Birdseye™ Quantify solution with its CRQ Simulator simulates unlimited risk scenarios that attach resistance-based financial projections to specific situations, policies and outcomes to enable risk-reduction ROI calculations. Communicate these calculations in financial terms to your team, stakeholders and the board via downloadable, shareable reports.

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C-Risk is a recognized expert in risk management and Cyber Risk Quantification using the FAIR™ methodology. This deep expertise in information and technology risk extends across multiple sectors, making C-Risk a trusted partner for organizations worldwide. Since launching in 2016, C-Risk has helped clients understand the information risks specific to their business, target their security investments more effectively, and protect their critical digital assets.

C-Risk also provides CRQ training, equipping risk professionals and decision-makers with effective methods to analyze and communicate cyber risk in financial terms. Driven by their commitment to growth and innovation, C-Risk is broadening its geographic presence and ramping up its research and development efforts to improve existing use cases and develop new ways to use CRQ.

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EY supports you in elevating your approach to IT risk, cybersecurity and data privacy functions. Build security and resilience in systems, data and identity, so your organization can have visibility of and manage the risk in order to execute transformational change and enable innovation with confidence.

CISOs and CROs must act now turning risks into opportunities to reimagine and repurpose the organization for agility and long-term value.

Among the top issues facing risk leaders today are supply issues, environmental crises, technological disruption and demographic shifts. Instead of preparing for each category of risk in a silo, instilling organization-wide dynamism and enterprise resilience enables leaders to stay ahead of the entire risk landscape.


Security and Resiliency Services from Kyndryl helps you embed cyber resilience into your broader IT and operational strategy. Their integrated cyber resilience approach enables you to anticipate, protect against, withstand, and recover from adverse cyber events.

The accelerated push to digitization has introduced cyber resilience as a key priority for C-suite leaders.

With the shift to hybrid work and an increasingly sophisticated threat landscape, ensuring a secure and resilient business is fast becoming a board-level mandate. Organizations must not only protect their business from cyberthreats, but also ensure continuity and recovery in the face of any disruptions.