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FAIR™ Training and Certification

The journey to better risk management involves changing existing thought paradigms, developing a solid understanding of the FAIR model, and adopting a common language around risk. Becoming FAIR Trained and Certified will change how you, your team, and your organization view and act on risk. Fully understanding and implementing the FAIR model turns risk professionals into business-aligned leaders, showing their organizations how to better, more informed, cost-effective decision-making.

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FAIR Analysis Fundamentals

FAIR Analysis Fundamentals prepares learners for the Open FAIR™ Certification exam by providing a foundational understanding of the FAIR model and the underlying concepts of FAIR analysis. In this course, you’ll learn the Open FAIR™ methodology for risk analysis, including basic risk concepts, Open FAIR™ terminology, measurement, and interpreting results. The course includes 16 CPEs, a study guide, and an exam voucher for the Open FAIR™ Certification.



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Packages Include
  • Instructor Support
  • 16 CPEs
  • Exam Voucher
  • Practical Exercise for Hybrid and In-Person classes

Open FAIR™ Certification

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Learners completing the FAIR Analysis Fundamentals course will be provided with a voucher that completely covers the cost of the Open FAIR™ Certification Exam, in addition to a certificate of completion.

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  • A vendor-neutral program that ensures analysts understand key learning objectives from the Open FAIR risk analysis and risk taxonomy standards.
  • Ensures analysts are prepared for the Open FAIR certification exam.
  • Includes a voucher for the certification exam, valued at $320, and a study guide to help prepare you for the exam.
  • Testing is conducted by Pearson VUE, at one of their numerous locations.

CRQ Training with C-Risk


Learn the basics of quantitative risk analysis using the FAIR™ model and take a deep dive to become a certified practitioner. The training courses, offered in English, French, and German, focus on Cyber Risk Quantification using the FAIR taxonomy and methodology—a logical, repeatable, defensible model for analyzing cyber and technology risk in financial and probabilistic terms.
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The Cyber Risk Quantification training programs are designed for business and IT professionals as well as other internal and external stakeholders within an organization, including:

  • Risk managers
  • Security analysts
  • CFOs
  • CISOs and cybersecurity senior management
  • Executives and board members
  • IT and security professionals
FREE Course

Cyber Risk Management for Executives

A new introductory online course designed to empower executives and their teams to embrace cyber risk management as a way to improve business strategies and outcomes, learn about the FAIR standard, and assess the best steps for building highly effective cyber risk management programs.

This course is taught by world-renowned experts, including the creator and author of FAIR, Jack Jones. You will receive a FAIR Institute Certificate upon completing the online course.

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