Our Mission

The FAIR Institute is a research-driven not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the discipline of cyber and operational risk management through education, standards and collaboration.

The Institute is made up of forward-thinking risk officers, cybersecurity leaders and business executives employing the FAIR standard and operating with a central mission:

Establish and promote risk management best practices that empower risk professionals to collaborate with their business partners on achieving the right balance between protecting the organization and running the business.

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    The Institute creates standard of risk analysis and risk management by leveraging the FAIR taxonomy and analysis principles.

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    The Institute provides a variety of resources, an authoritative FAIR book, and multiple courses that prepare, strengthen, and advance members' skills and careers.

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    The Institute offers collaboration opportunities through our annual global conference, regional summits, research board meetings, virtual engagements, and more.

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Agenda 2023-24

Responding to members By expanding the research agenda

To help meet the pressing analytics needs of their organizations, as they must evaluate the effectiveness of cybersecurity controls, integrate compliance and risk management, measure and determine materiality of cyber incidents, assess emerging risks.

Develop and publish new FAIR analysis standards

The objective is to develop new standard taxonomies and analytic models for domains ancillary to the original FAIR standard. Create independent technical standards development body to research, develop and validate the new standards.

Expand the education and certification capabilities

To satisfy the great demand for knowledge and skills development on the topics of cyber, operational risk analysis, and decision making. Content will enhance knowledge across of levels in an organization, from practitioners, to executives, and to board members.


Our History

The FAIR Institute was born as a response to the need expressed by cybersecurity and operational risk leaders to research, advance and share best cybersecuriity and operational risk management practices.

Founded in 2016 as a not-for-profit organization led by industry leaders, the FAIR Institute is focused on improving business outcomes by giving technology, finance, business leaders and board of directors a consistent way to translate risk analysis findings to business value through Standards, Education and Collaboration.