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Local Chapters

FAIR Institute Chapters

Local Chapters of the FAIR Institute provide the opportunity to meet with your peers across a variety of industries in your geographical area to learn from each other’s expertise and operational practices and to exchange views on possible applications of FAIR™.

Together, you will advance your knowledge of FAIR™ and expand its range of applications.

To view and RSVP to upcoming chapter meetings, you must be a FAIR Institute Member. To join the FAIR Institute, please sign up here. If you have any issues or questions, please contact

Chapter Meetings and Member Groups

Joint Washington DC & Federal Government Chapter
Co-Chair: Chip Block, VP, Evolver Inc.
Co-Chair: Evan Wheeler, Sr. Director, Technology Risk Management, Capital One

New York City Chapter
Co-Chair: Derrick Rice, Cyber Security Risk Management, Cigna
Co-Chair: AJ Anand, Director, Transformation and Continuous Improvement, Global Security, ADP 
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San Francisco Bay Area Chapter
Co-Chair: Tony Martin-Vegue, Senior Information Security Risk Engineer, Netflix
Co-Chair: Lindsey Pilver, Principal Security Quantitative Risk Analyst, GRC, Roblox


Greater Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter
Chair: Josh Marker, Security Risk Manager, SAP


Atlanta Chapter
Chair: Donna Gallaher, President & CEO, New Oceans Enterprises, LLC


Greater Ohio Chapter
Co-Chair: Mike Radigan, Cyber Risk Advisor, Cisco
Co-Chair: Joe Tanner, Director, Security Audit and Compliance, Veeva Systems

Great Lakes Chapter
Co-Chair: Mary Faulkner, VP, Chief Information Security Officer and IT Operations, Thrivent Financial
Co-Chair: Jeff Norem, VP, Deputy CISO, Freddie Mac

Houston Chapter
Co-Chair: Michael Lewis, Policy and Framework Advisor, Chevron
Co-Chair: Ashish Shah, Team Lead - Risk Assessment, Chevron


Greater London Chapter
Chair: Rob Moore, Vice President, Technology Risk Management, Mastercard
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Paris Chapter
Co-Chair: Christophe Foret, President, C-Risk
Co-Chair: Tom Callaghan, Co-Founder and Managing Director, C-Risk

Germany Chapter
Co-Chair: David Steng, Director, Cyber Risk & Economics, Group Cybersecurity Office, Fresenius Group
Co-Chair: Gideon Knocke, CISO, Director-Information Security, realworld one
Co-Chair: Sebastian Hoffman, Senior Information Security Consultant, C-Risk
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Swiss Chapter
Co-Chair: Pierre Olodo, Senior Lead Cyber Risk, Richemont
Co-Chair: Laura Voicu, Principal Risk, Data and AI, Elastic
Co-Chair: Anne Lupfer, Deputy Group CISO, Econocom
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Sydney Chapter
Co-Chair: Denny Wan, Cyber Security Risk Expert, Security Express; Member of Standards & TPRM Workgroups, FAIR Institute
Co-Chair: Helen Teixeira, Consulting Director, Unit 42 (JAPAC), Palo Alto Networks

Melbourne Chapter
Co-Chair: Jason Ha, CISO, ETHAN
Co-Chair: Mohammad Arif, Group Cyber Security Governance, Risk & Oversight Lead, Wesfarmers

Jordan Chapter
Co-Chair: Mohamed Abdul Rahim, Managing Director, Octo Security - Octopian Global Services
Co-Chair: Adham Etoom, Director of Policy & Compliance, National Cyber Security Center of Jordan
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Middle East and Africa Chapter
Co-Chair: Mohamed Abdul Rahim, Managing Director, Octo Security, Octopian Global Services
Co-Chair: Adham Etoom, Director of Policy & Compliance, National Cyber Security Center of Jordan
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India Chapter
Chair: Vinayak Godse, CEO, DSCI
Co-Chair, Sameer Ratolikar, CISO, HDFC Bank