7 Steps to Start Risk Assessment – Advice from 3 FAIR Experts in Dark Reading

7 Steps to Risk Assessment Advice from 3 FAIR ExpertsDark Reading is just out with 7 Steps to Start Your Risk Assessment, a handy guide to FAIR concepts that draws on the advice of three FAIR experts:

The seven steps are:

  1. Start with a common language
  2. Define assets
  3. Define value
  4. Define losses
  5. Define threats
  6. Define measurements
  7. Define the audience

Each is presented with some hands-on advice from the three FAIR gurus that goes beyond the technical and into socializing the FAIR world view to an organization:

It's easy to say that dollars are all that matter, but individual stake-holders may define the impact differently. "If you think about the concept of a risk owner, that is somebody who owns the risk, somebody who essentially has their neck on the line," says Martin-Vegue. "If something goes south, this is the person that's accountable." 

Jones says, "How I think about it is this: our problem space is complex and dynamic with a lot at stake, and we have limited resources. Every dollar that goes to us is a dollar that doesn't go to growing the business or other operation imperatives, so it's critically important that we prioritize." 

See 7 Steps to Start Your Risk Assessment in Dark Reading for more.

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