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One of the most common requests we get at the annual FAIR Conference is for more education in FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk), the standard in cyber and operational risk quantification. For FAIRCON24, we are thrilled to announce that we will deliver six continuing education workshops and labs, including: 

>>all-day lab with Jack Jones on FAIR-CAM™, the controls analytics model

>>lab on the FAIR-MAM™ standard for determining materiality in risk assessment 

>>lab on ”Measuring and Managing AI Risk with FAIR” 

We will continue to deliver the in-person two-day FAIR Analysis Fundamentals training, September 29-30, led by Bernadette Dunn, an Open FAIR Certified Trainer and Head of Education for the FAIR Institute.

Training and lab courses will be held on Sunday and Monday, September 29 and 30, ahead of the conference sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, October 1 and 2. To join these educational opportunities, register for the 2024 FAIR Conference now!


What will be the FAIR Conference focus this year?

The theme of FAIRCON24 is "Managing Risk at the Speed of the Business" and will include over two dozen sessions with keynotes, expert panels, breakout tracks, and use case presentations designed to assist the CISO and information security team in confirming their role as business leaders.

What will the training and labs cover?

First and foremost, we will have our regular two-day training session on FAIR Fundamentals, the key course to understand and start to apply the FAIR Model. FAIR Institute’s Head of Education Bernadette Dunn will walk participants through the key concepts of the methodology and will answer any questions about performing risk assessments. If you’re new to FAIR and would like to make the most of the conference, you should consider this as your starting point. 

If you prefer to master the fundamentals before the conference, register with the FAIR Academy, our new learning platform, to find the online version of the Fundamentals course.

In addition to FAIR Fundamentals, we will present lab sessions and workshops on September 30. These sessions will be:

From Theory to Practice: Engaging with FAIR-CAM for Effective Risk Management

Led by Jack Jones, creator of the FAIR Model, Tyler Britton, Principal Security Engineer, Dropbox, and Vidit Baxi, CISO, Safe Security In this day-long workshop Jack, Tyler, and Vidit will not only cover FAIR-CAM basics but they'll also dive deep into how Loss Event Controls work.  This will include the use of a learning application, where participants will get to "play" with FAIR-CAM.  Tyler will also share his experience in applying a stripped-down version of FAIR-CAM "in the wild", and how FAIR-CAM proved to be an excellent medium for getting his colleagues on-board the CRQ bandwagon. 

Workshop participants will come away with a working understanding of FAIR-CAM principles as well as strategies for communicating about controls with their colleagues.

FAIR-MAM (Materiality Assessment Model) Lab

Is your Loss Magnitude estimate really accurate?
You can develop real-world financial loss projections with FAIR-MAM to compare against your company’s materiality thresholds. In this working session you will learn to

>>Easily transition from the original 6-Forms of Loss to FAIR-MAM™.
>>Experience FAIR-MAM™ hands-on by using it to estimate primary and secondary losses from two recent high-profile hacks.
>>Use FAIR-MAM™ as both a forecasting and response tool to ensure compliance with the SEC's new Materiality ruling.

Facilitated by Robert Immella, a leader of cyber risk quantification for a Fortune 100 Company, and Erica Eager, Senior Director Risk Quantification, Safe Security. Learn more about FAIR-MAM

Mastering AI Governance and Risk Management: A Comprehensive Workshop
Brought to you by Jacqueline Lebo, Risk Advisory Manager, Safe Security and Arun Pamulapati, Sr. Staff Security Field Engineer, Databricks, in this lab, you’ll learn how to leverage AI risk by using the FAIR Model. Learn more about FAIR for AI

Attend for an in-depth workshop designed to equip you with essential knowledge and practical skills in AI governance and risk management. This session will cover:

  • AI Fundamentals: A refresher on the basics of Artificial Intelligence
  • Generative AI Governance: Learn the best practices for establishing a robust generative AI governance process
  • FAIR-AIR™ Approach: Discover how to assess AI risks using the FAIR-AIR™ methodology
  • Control Assessments: Understand the necessary controls for evaluating generative AI solutions with the Databricks Security Framework and more
  • Third-Party AI Risk: Explore strategies to assess and manage risks associated with third-party generative AI tools

Through interactive examples, you'll gain hands-on experience in applying these concepts, ensuring you leave with actionable insights for your organization. Don't miss this opportunity to advance your AI governance and risk management capabilities.

Third Party Risk and FAIR Workshop
In this lab session, Pankaj Goyal, Director, Research and Standards, FAIR Institute and Vince Dasta, Senior Partner - Risk Strategy, Safe Security will explore how FAIR is rising fast in the TPRM sphere.

Leveraging Human Capabilities to Create Influence and  Outcomes Workshop – How to Hack the Human System Workshop
Dr Gavriel (Gav) Schneider, Group CEO & Principal Consultant, Risk 2 Solution Group will teach you how to harness human capabilities to influence outcomes and build high-performance teams. This workshop is designed for experts seeking to enhance their leadership skills, ensure resilience, and drive their teams to excel not just in business as usual, but in navigating and thriving through continuous disruption.

Building a Cyber Risk Management Program Workshop

In this power-packed session, our industry-leading experts will share invaluable insights and proven strategies to help you gain insights into the four components of the Cyber Risk Management Program Framework. This workshop will be led by Brandon Bapst, Cyber Risk Advisor in EY’s Cybersecurity practice and Brian J. Allen, Esq., Strategic Advisor at AI RegRisk™ Think Tank.

Save your spot – register today for FAIRCON and make sure you take advantage of at least one of these amazing pre-conference sessions that will enhance your risk management game.

For any questions, please reach out to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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