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Cyber Risk Workgroup Discusses "Clarifying Risks"

[fa icon="calendar"] Jan 25, 2017 4:45:00 PM / by Jack Jones

Jack Jones

Cyber Risk Workgroup Discusses Clarifying Risks.jpgLast week we held the second Cyber Risk Workgroup call, with excellent attendance and active engagement. During the call, we discussed the white paper I wrote regarding “Clarifying Risks”. Several members had some excellent questions and suggestions. Because some participants hadn’t had a chance to review the paper yet, I suspect there will be more discussion on this topic in the future. We also did a very quick review of the FAIR ontology for those who weren’t familiar with it, and I suggested that those who are new to FAIR avail themselves of the Open Group FAIR documents as an introduction. Or, of course, my and Jack Freund's book.

For the February call, we will discuss what it takes for an organization to adopt FAIR. To help prepare participants in advance of that call, I committed to writing another short white paper that outlines the key success factors and levels of adoption maturity. We’ll send that white paper to workgroup members as far as possible in advance of the call so that they have an opportunity to read it. We’ll also post a notice here when that document is released.

If you are a FAIR Institute member, I invite you to listen to our January 17th call via the Member Resources Center. The video is under the "Workgroup Calls" section. If you are not yet a member, please join today by clicking the button below.


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Jack Jones

Written by Jack Jones

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