What Data Says About Cyber Risk in the Cloud – Wade Baker at FAIRCON23

“Is the cloud more or less risky than on-prem? How do we even make those determinations?” Wade Baker, co-founder of Cyentia Institute, and a leading data whisperer for cybersecurity risk going back to his days running the authoritative Data Breach Investigation Report (DBIR), asked  those top-of-mind questions in his session at the recent 2023 FAIR Conference. “There’s not a straight-out answer,” he said, but mining the data can give any organization an idea of what  variables to consider in assessing risk posture in the cloud.

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Is It Raining Risk? What Data says about Cyber Risk in the Cloud

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Some key points from Wade’s presentation, which drew on recent Cyentia research publications:

>>There’s no indication cloud environments are inherently less secure than on-prem. Organization characteristics and risk management capabilities are the bigger determinants in the comparison.

>>Organizations with cloud-heavy architectures tend to report higher achievement of resilience outcomes. But the evidence also suggests the early to mid stages of cloud migration may erode resilience.

>>The majority of firms have exposures allowing attackers to pivot between on-prem and cloud environments. Attack paths to compromise critical assets in clouds tend to be shorter with fewer choke/control points.

For more cybersecurity risk data, see the FAIR Institute’s 2024 Annual Cyber Risk Report.


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