FAIR Expert To Address ISACA Toronto Chapter On Taking Risk Measurement Seriously

Chad_Weinman-1-870966-edited.jpgCalling all Toronto area security professionals! Join Chad Weinman, VP, Professional Services at RiskLens, to talk about “Taking Risk Measurement Seriously”. Chad will be in Toronto on November 15th to address the local ISACA chapter from 1:00 - 4:30 pm.

Session Description

The business, technology, and cyber threat landscape is complex and dynamic. At the same time, resources for managing the risk within this landscape are invariably limited. This combination of factors makes it imperative that organizations excel at prioritizing which issues to focus on, choosing cost-effective solutions to implement, and knowing when to simply accept risk. Unfortunately, common practices for measuring risk used by our profession today severely limit the ability to achieve any of these.


In this session, Chad will share the root causes that limit our effectiveness at measuring risk, as well as the simple changes we can make to improve dramatically. He will also discuss the common cultural and other challenges organizations face in adopting better practices, and provide guidance on how to overcome those obstacles.

Be Prepared

This session will be interactive, and you are encouraged to ask difficult and challenging questions. Be forewarned that some of the changes we need to make as a profession run counter to long-held beliefs and practices. As a result, you should bring both your critical thinking cap and an open mind to this session.


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