Join Europe’s Leading Voices on Measuring, Managing and Disclosing Cyber Risk at the 2024 FAIR Institute Europe Summit

We invite you to join us in Paris on March 13, at the 2024 FAIR Institute Europe Summit, bringing together experienced cyber risk quantification practitioners and beginners from around the EU and Britain.

The theme of the Summit is “Managing Cyber Risk in the Age of New Incident Disclosure Rules” and will feature presentations from industry leaders at companies such as Commerzbank, Mastercard, Fresenius, and Richemont.

By attending the Summit, you will have access to presentations on:

  • How to meet the challenges of new cyber incident disclosure rules
  • Addressing concerns regarding personal CISO liability in cyber attacks
  • Automating FAIR and CRQ
  • Optimizing cyber insurance with risk quantification
  • Automating and integrating third party risk management
  • Measuring materiality and control effectiveness with risk quantification

The agenda will include these esteemed speakers:

Aljona Reiser

Aljona Reiser

Head of Cyber Business Risk

Commerzbank AG

Rob Moore - Mastercard

Rob Moore

VP, Technology Risk


Martina Drvar

Martina Drvar


European Central Bank

Thibault Meyer - Google Cloud 2

Thiebaut Meyer

Director, Office of the CISO

Google Cloud

Anne Leslie -IBM 2

Anne Leslie

Cloud Risk & Controls Leader EMEA, Financial Services


Benoit Fuzeau - CASDEN

Benoit Fuzeau


President, CLUSIF

Sabine Marcellin - KEDGE Business School

Sabine Marcellin

Lawyer, Digital Law, Oxygen+

Professor, AI, KEDGE Business School

Gérôme Billois - Wavestone

Gérôme Billois



Jack Jones - Chairman - FAIR Institute

Jack Jones

Chairman Emeritus

FAIR Institute

Meena Martin - GSK

Meena Martin

VP, Cyber Risk & Assurance


Pierre Olodo - Richemont

Pierre Olodo

Senior Lead, Cyber Risk


Leopold Larios - Descartes Underwriting

Leopold Larios

Director, Cyber Insurance

Descartes Underwriting

David Steng - Fresenius Group

David Steng

Director, Cyber Risk & Economics, Group Cybersecurity Office

Fresenius Group

Nick Sanna - FAIR Institute

Nick Sanna


FAIR Institute

Pankaj Goyal - FAIR Institute

Pankaj Goyal

Director, Standards & Research

FAIR Institute

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