FAIR Institute Blog Year-End Roundup

This inaugural year 2016 for the FAIR Institute has surpassed all expectations. The Institute has grown fast and furious into a thriving community of over 700 members. We held our first FAIR Conference, established initial workgroups and local chapter meetings throughout the country, and created a powerful movement that's revolutionizing how information and operational risk is managed in organizations.  

We also launched a blog that stimulated the creative juices of many contributors and sparked the interest of a large number of followers.

Out of 110+ blog posts, here are the most popular among our readers in 2016: 


  1. NIST CSF & FAIR - Part 1
  2. 5 Must Read Books to Jump Start your Career Risk Management     5_Must_Read_Books_to_Jumpstart_Your_Career_in_Risk_Management.jpg
  3. What is a Cyber Value-at-Risk Model?                                               shutterstock_183548660.jpg
  4. Federal Reserve, OCC, FDIC Proposed Cyber Risk Management Standards Enhancements                Federal Reserve, OCC, FDIC Proposed Cyber Risk Management Standards Enhancements.jpg
  5. There's No Such Thing As Reputation Risk                                         Theres_No_Such_Thing_As_Reputation_Risk.jpg
  6. Using the FAIR Model to Measure Inherent Risk                               Using_FAIR_Model_Prioritize_Inherent_Risk.jpg


Want to become a contributor, and be featured in the FAIR Institute blog in 2017? Contact us to share your ideas and contributions or to suggest new topics to cover. 


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