New FAIR Standards Booklet a Handy Guide to FAIR-CAM, FAIR-MAM, Original FAIR and More

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The past year has been an amazing period of growth and innovation generated by the FAIR movement, with creative new uses of the original FAIR standard for risk quantification coming forward, plus a proliferation of FAIR-model extensions like FAIR-CAM for cybersecurity controls analysis and FAIR-MAM for material risk analysis. It’s almost too much to get your arms around. 

So we created a handy booklet you can download to keep track of all things FAIR or give a FAIR beginner an overview of the scope of the movement. Download the FAIR Standards Booklet now

In the booklet you’ll find:

>>FAIR Model - a quick guide to the purpose, components and capabilities of the standard

>>FAIR-CAM (FAIR Controls Analytics Model) - the FAIR extension for describing and quantifying the effect of controls and controls systems, with an explanation of the concept of “controls physiology.”

>>FAIR-MAM (FAIR Materiality Assessment Model) - the extension of the loss magnitude side of the FAIR risk quantification model that enables quick and reliable estimation of the financial impact of a cyber incident. Plus, see our How Material Is the Hack? service for FAIR-MAM analysis of recent cyber attacks in the news.

>>FAIR-TAM (FAIR Third Party Assessment Model) - a tool to enable risk-based prioritization among the crowd of cyber supply chain partners that large enterprises carry. 

>>FAIR-AIR (FAIR Artificial Intelligence Cyber Risk Playbook) - a five-step approach to identifying and treating the cyber risks from AI deployment. 

>>FAIR Automation - how to move toward automated data collection and on-demand risk analysis while staying in line with FAIR principles. 

Get your handy introduction to the world of FAIR - Download the FAIR Standards Booklet now

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