FAIRCON18 Awards: Submit Your Nominations Today

FAIR Awards 2018 LogoHonoring Excellence in Information and Operational Risk Management: The 2018 FAIR Conference at Carnegie Mellon University on October 16-17, will honor risk management leaders for their initiative, ingenuity and contributions to information and operational risk management. 

The awards recognize the deep impact that these professionals have on their organizations by enabling operational excellence and effective decision-making, and in balancing the need to protect their organizations while running the business.

Two Award Categories

You can submit your nominations for two categories, Business Innovator and FAIR Champion, to recognize business-minded risk officers and FAIR practitioners respectively.

Innovative risk officers are disrupting the status quo by leveraging new analytic capabilities and by enabling the communication and management of information and operational risk from the business perspective. The Business Innovator award recognizes those risk professionals who have successfully applied FAIR principles to drive innovation.

The FAIR Champion award recognizes leaders at the forefront of their organization’s FAIR initiative who built risk quantification programs, and in that process got data owners on board, stakeholders to help improve analysis, and decision-makers to adopt the resulting analytics as an integral part of their strategies, decision-making processes and operating rhythms.

Past Award Winners

Roland-Cloutier-1Roland Cloutier



FAIR Business 




David-SheronasDavid Sheronas

SVP,  Bank of America


FAIR Champion




Chris-CooperChristopher Cooper

VP, Operational Risk,

Reinsurance Group of



FAIR Business 



Joel Baese

Infosec Governance &

Risk Analysis Director,



FAIR Champion


Submit a Nomination

You can read more about the nomination criteria for both categories, last year's winners, and submit a nomination on the Awards and Nominations page. 

To be considered for this year's awards, nominations have to be submitted by August 9, 2018. 

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