Can the Cyberspace Solarium Commission Keep the Legislative Momentum Going? Exec Director Mark Montgomery to Update 2022 FAIR Conference

Cyberspace Solarium Commission LogoIt’s been a remarkable run at influencing cyber policy for the Cyberspace Solarium Commission, the Congressionally-mandated advisory group that offered 82 recommendations in 2020 – 48 have been implemented or are nearing completion, with significant progress on another 22, the successor non-profit group, CSC 2.0, reported this week.'

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 Among the Commission’s recommendations that have been realized:

>>Appointment of a national cyber director and a State Department cyber ambassador

>>Increased CISA funding

>>A cyber incident reporting law for critical infrastructure 

Other proposals have stalled in Congress, such as a National Cybersecurity Certification and Labeling Authority, a Bureau of Cyber Statistics, standing House and Senate committees on cybersecurity and a law establishing liability for software and hardware vendors for breaches resulting from unpatched vulnerabilities.   

Still in play but facing industry opposition: requirements for operators of critical infrastructure to meet strong digital security standards and share treat intel with the government.

“We’re in the middle of the story here and we have a lot more to do,” Mark Montgomery recently told CyberScoop. “Each year as you get away from the [original] report, we will get less and less done. And the question is, do we get enough done in the next two years to make a big difference?”

For a full briefing on the Cyberspace Solarium Commission’s findings, Commission Co-Chair Rep. Mike Gallagher and Commission Member (and now National Cyber Director) Chris Inglis spoke to the 2020 FAIR Conference. Watch the video (FAIR Institute membership required).

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