FAIRCON22 Training Opportunity: Effective Reporting on Cyber Risk to a Business Audience

FAIRCON22 Training - Effective PresentationFor CISOs and other business leaders looking make decisions based on FAIR risk quantification…and risk analysts looking to support those decisions with the most on-target reporting…this lab session at the 2022 FAIR Conference is for you.

Effectively Reporting and Communicating FAIR Results - Lab Session

Monday, September 26 (the day before the conference sessions)

1-5 PM

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Washington, DC

Register now for the FAIR Conference and add the lab session. Note: Attendees should have foundational knowledge in FAIR and/or have completed the FAIR Fundamentals training course.

Led by experienced trainers from RiskLens, participants will learn how to clearly answer the most-asked questions in risk analysis presentations from the financial point of view that executives require:

  • What is our overall risk?
  • Where is risk concentrated?
  • What would be the best security investments for cost vs. benefit

You’ll also receive expert advice on soft skills of effective presentations:

  • Reading your audience and adjusting reporting to meet its needs
  • Focusing on the key analytics that tell the story – and explaining the concepts behind them. Example: annualized loss exposure (ALE).
  • Defending the data behind the analysis
  • Presenting reports in attractive, at-a-glance formats

The lab session will be conducted in a small group setting with plenty of opportunity for hands-on learning, including role playing.

Register now for the FAIR Conference and sign up for the Effective Reporting Lab --class size is limited but seats are still available.

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