Shaping True Risk Leaders. Join Us in Managing Risk at the Speed of the Business at FAIRCON24.

The annual 2024 FAIR Conference is back this year in Washington, DC, on October 1 & 2. We invite you to save your spot at the sole conference dedicated to continually improving risk management practices that align to the business needs – and for inspiring risk executives to become top risk leaders.

This year’s theme is "Managing Risk at the Speed of the Business." Sessions will focus on how to manage and report risk effectively in order to provide actionable insights to the business and board, in a time frame that supports key business decisions.

At FAIRCON24, you will be able to shape best cyber risk management policies and practices by hearing from and interacting with leaders from standards organizations and regulatory bodies. You will also share best practices and connect with your industry peers who are using and advocating quantitative risk management practices from organizations like Fannie Mae, Victoria’s Secret, MasterCard, Expedia Group, Yum! Brands, and more.

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By attending FAIRCON24, you will also have access to brand new presentations and content on:

  • Responding to novel risks posed by artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • How to meet the challenges of new cyber incident disclosure rules
  • Addressing concerns regarding personal liability in cyber attacks
  • Automating FAIR and CRQ
  • Measuring controls effectiveness
  • Optimizing cybersecurity budgets
  • Automating and integrating third party risk management
  • Add-on training courses and lab workshops for you and your team

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