Mark Your Calendars For 2017 Cyber Risk Workgroup Calls

Mark Your Calendars For 2017 Cyber Risk Workgroup Calls.jpgWe closed out the end of 2016 with the inaugural Cyber Risk workgroup call. FAIR author Jack Jones was joined by three dozen cyber risk professionals from around the globe. 

As the issue of cyber risk persists as a point of concern to executives and directors, interests around FAIR and the opportunity to quantify cyber risk is on the rise. Participants voiced concerned over the following topics:

  • How FAIR defines risk.
  • Modeling uncertainty associated with risk transference.
  • Devoting parts of the conversation to current regulatory issues around risk quantification in the financial services industry. 
  • Effective means to show quantifiable risk results to the board.
  • Identifying cost-effective risk management opportunities.

If you have other topics that you would like to hear discussed in future calls, please send us an e-mail.

Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 17th at 1:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. Workgroup calls will occur on a monthly basis. The topic of discussion for the first meeting of 2017 will be "A FAIR view of risk: What it is and what it isn't."

The second meeting will be a walk-through of a FAIR quantitative risk assessment.

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