Meet a Member: Chip Block, FAIR Institute Washington Chapter Lead and Pioneer FAIR Consultant, on Where the Quantification Movement Is Going

Chip Block“I’ve been involved with the FAIR Institute almost from Day One,” says Chip Block, Vice President and Chief Solutions Architect at Evolver, a Converged Security Solutions Company. Chip founded the first local chapter of the FAIR Institute, for the greater Washington, DC, area, and was one of the first consultants offering FAIR analysis services. 

In our conversation, Chip shared his insights on a wide range of topics, including: 

  • How he first discovered FAIR  - it started with a white paper he wrote on cyber risk and insurance, “And Then the Accountants Showed Up, How The Insurance Industry Will Drive Cyber Technology”
  • How he’s helped diverse sectors, from healthcare to local government, adopt risk quantification, even beyond cyber into operational risk
  • His predictions for the next phase in the evolution of cyber risk management: Tighter government regulation of cybersecurity and “the next level of integration…

“Where we have done most of our work so far is basically through an interview process. We ask people questions, they give us answers, we put that in the model, and it gives us some results. The next piece of that is integration – I don’t need to ask questions, I’m actually pulling control data, for example, right out of the system.”

Watch the video of our conversation: 



Cyber Insurance Market Is Tight. Protect Yourself with a FAIR Analysis, Says Chip Block

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