Meet a Member Podcast: Jack Freund of TIAA, Co-author of the FAIR Book

Jack Freund Meet a Member Podcast 2FAIR Institute Memberships and Programs Director Luke Bader sat down with Jack Freund, Cyber Risk Director for TIAA and co-author with Jack Jones of Measuring and Managing Information Risk: a FAIR Approach, for a quick but wide-ranging conversation.

Listen to the podcast now (9 minutes)

You’ll hear Jack thoughts on:  

  • Key challenges for the cybersecurity industry
  • How to start a FAIR program
  • Daily use of FAIR at TIAA
  • How to get the most out of your FAIR Institute Membership.

Here’s a preview:

"Part of the discipline of being a risk analyst is that you challenge assumptions and say things that are somewhat anathema to being a security person but you have to question if you’re going to be a good risk analyst.

"The FAIR Institute, especially the local chapters gives you like minded people to try out these conversations, and that’s a really valuable component of the Institute."

Listen to Jack Freund's conversation with Luke Bader now (9 minutes) 

Introducing a new feature for the FAIR Institute, the Meet a Member Podcast. If you know a member with FAIR experiences to share with the community, please let Luke know.

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