Poll: FAIR™ Institute Members Say Work from Home Will Be Top Risk Category in Business Continuity Planning

Work From Home We took a short survey of FAIR™ Institute email subscribers to get a quick read on their involvement with business continuity planning for the impact of COVID-19.  The poll keyed off a podcast with Jack Freund, PhD, FAIR Institute Fellow and co-author with Jack Jones of the FAIR book, Measuring and Managing Information Risk. Listen to the podcast now: Jack Freund on the Role for FAIR™ Risk Analysts in Business Continuity Planning for Coronavirus.

More than 70% of the respondents answered yes, they were already working on adapting business continuity to the pandemic. 

Question: Has your cyber risk or information security team been involved yet in business continuity planning related to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic?

Survey FAIR Institute Chart 1

The risk category they unanimously expect to do the most analysis work on is employees working from home.

Question: As part of business continuity planning related to the pandemic, check risk themes that you been asked or expect to be asked to analyze risk scenarios for:

FAIR Institute Survey Chart 2

And no wonder. Remote workers raise a host of security challenges, such as: 

>>Protecting IP, PII and other confidential business information.
>>Detecting and handling phishing and other social engineering attacks
>>Maintaining and protecting VPNs
>>Controlling employee use of personal devices or employee family members use of company devices 

The second area they most expect to require increased risk analysis and management: Cyber criminal activity. That might include business email compromise to generate wire transfers from phony billing or other scams that could thrive amid the confusion created by remote work.  

How are you bringing the cyber risk dimension to business continuity planning at your organization?  Share with the community on the LINK discussion board or in the comments section below. 

Get a wider view of FAIR-based analysis in the current crisis – listen to the podcast Jack Freund on the Role for FAIR™ Risk Analysts in Business Continuity Planning for Coronavirus.


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