Sponsored Webinar: New Capabilities from RiskLens Make FAIR Analysis Faster and Easier

RiskLens Risk Treatment Analysis 2- Webinar Accelerate and Scale FAIR copyRiskLens Senior Manager and Professional Services Architect Teresa Suarez covers a lot of ground in this 30-minute webinar, starting with the case for quantitative cyber risk management with FAIR™ over qualitative methods, running through tips for implementing a FAIR program, and on to introducing RiskLens, the technical adviser to the FAIR Institute and, as Teresa says, “the pioneer of pragmatic application of the FAIR model.” She also lifts the hood on how the RiskLens platform makes FAIR analysis easier and faster – and finishes with three quick case studies. 

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The RiskLens mission, as Teresa explains, is to help clients “justify, prioritize and manage the cybersecurity investment decisions that accompany digital growth and transformation” through a combination of services (based on years of experience at FAIR program implementation across industries) and the only SaaS platform purpose built on FAIR – that together accelerate and scale FAIR adoption.  

A key point: FAIR analysis through the RiskLens platform produces results in the financial terms that business requires.

Teresa explains three main advantages of the platform:  

  • Teresa Suarez - RiskLens - Webinar - Scale Accelerate FAIRA simple Q&A workflow that translates the user’s answers into quantitative inputs.
  • Industry data embedded in the platform that shortcuts laborious data-gathering. 
  • Rapid Risk Assessment: quick triage of risks to produce a ranked list based on financial impact.  


Another high-value capability of the platform: Risk Treatment Analysis for true cost-benefit analysis, for instance to understand the risk reduction achievable by adding a control. For every dollar you spend, you can see in dollars the risk reduction you gain. “It really starts changing the way you evaluate your control landscape,” Teresa says.  

She wraps by explaining how three organizations scored benefits with a RiskLens implementation out of the box: 

  • A Fortune 100 financial company used Rapid Risk Assessment to solve a persistent problem with a high volume of risk analysis requests and no effective way to prioritize among them. 
  • A technology company assessed how launching a new application would affect its overall loss exposure.
  • A healthcare company identified its top risks, then used the detailed analysis capabilities of the platform and Risk Treatment Analysis to dig into the most concerning risk and assess whether data encryption or key management would deliver the best return on investment (ROI) for risk reduction.  

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