Video: A FAIR Case Study From Bank of Montreal


This case study by Laura Payne on 'Quantitative Risk Analysis & Information Security' does a very good job in explaining the journey of an organization like BMO, as it evolved from a 'High, Medium and Low' approach to measure and express risk to to a more scientific and quantitative approach. 

In this comprehensive video-presentation, she covers many foundational aspects of implementing quantitative risk analysis, including:

  • How organizations are measuring and articulating risk today
  • The limits of qualitative risk models
  • The selection of the Open FAIR standard as a quantitative risk model
  • What is FAIR and how do you use it? 
  • Overcoming obstacles 
  • Semi-quantitative and fully quantitative risk assessments



Laura_Payne.jpgLaura Payne is a Senior Information Security Advisor at the Bank of Montreal and recently joined the FAIR Institute as a member. She has over 10 years of experience in the financial services industry covering a variety of roles in IT operations and information security. She first presented this case study at a SecTor conference. 


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