[Video] Jack Jones FAIRCON18 Keynote: “Too Often We Fall Back on Easy Answers”

Jack Jones Speaks FAIRCON18 AJack Jones, FAIR Institute chairman and creator of Factor Analysis of Information Risk, gave a remarkable keynote address to the 2018 FAIR Conference at Carnegie Mellon University in  Pittsburgh that was both an unsparing look at the limitations of the risk profession and a prescription for how to break through to The Next Frontier in Risk Management, the title of his talk. Any risk professional will want to listen carefully to this video as Jack lays down a path to true risk management maturity by literally changing how you think.

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In this video, Jack covers some extensive ground:

  • The objectives for true risk management maturity—in brief, to “cost-effectively achieve and maintain an acceptable level of risk.”
  • Results of the FAIR Institute’s 2018 Risk Management Maturity Benchmark Survey. “The bad news is there’s a lot to be done; the good news is at least there’s some progress… As an industry, we’re missing the point…The things we are calling maturity models really aren’t.”
  • What it will take to make changes: Understanding how the profession thinks and countering that with a better approach. In particular, Jack encouraged reading of the pioneering psychology work Thinking Fast and Slow with its theory of System 1 thinking, fast and reflexive, vs. System 2 thinking, slower and orderly. “Too often we fall back on easy answers.”

“The fact that we have so many people in the FAIR Institute and at places like Carnegie Mellon who are committed to evolving the profession, that’s tremendously good news and incredibly important to our future as a profession,” Jack concludes, “because the next generation should not have to come in the door overcoming biases and misperceptions.”

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