(Video) Meet a Member: Robert Immella, Senior Information Security Risk Analyst, KeyBank

Robert Immella, Senior Information Security Risk Analyst and FAIR™ Cyber Risk Analyst for KeyBank, talked with us at FAIRCON19 about the thoughtful approach he’s taken to implement a FAIR program at the bank, starting with building support among subject matter experts and other stakeholders: “I’m trying to work in a way that I’m not just taking but reciprocating.” For instance, in gathering data for costs on incident response, he was able to catalog all the teams that would be involved, showing some gaps in knowledge that the organization wasn’t aware of. 

In this video, Robert also discusses specifics on how he’s trying to build speed into FAIR analysis, both on finding the data and running the analyses.  

More video from Robert: Catch his Overcoming 3 Challenges in Your FAIR Risk Analysis Program, a talk he gave at the FAIR Breakfast during the Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit.


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