Video Now Available: Measuring DDoS Risk Using FAIR

Measuring DDoS Risk Using FAIR.jpgWhen Tony Martin-Vegue, Cyber Risk Manager at National Mortgage Insurance, presented this case study on measuring Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) risk at FAIR Conference 2016, the world was only a week away from one of the largest DDoS attacks in history to-date.

The attack restricted user access to numerous media entities, consumer applications and online retail sites. In this case study, Tony demonstrates how a typical American bank using a purpose-built on FAIR platform such as RiskLens to quantify the risk associated with a DDoS. The viewer will learn:


  • Hope to scope the analysis scenario
  • Evaluate Loss Event Frequency
  • Evaluate Loss Magnitude
  • Derive and articulate risk
  • Web and printed literature on both FAIR and quantitative risk

Learn from this case study as you begin your FAIR journey.


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