Webinar: Learn Next-Gen Third-Party Risk Management from Pharma Giant GSK

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Join us Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 8 AM PT - 11 AM ET for a look inside GSK's advanced, risk-based approach to third-party risk management (TPRM) that leverages FAIR principles and methodology. TPRM is top of mind these days for CISOs and cyber risk managers - particularly in healthcare after the UnitedHealth hack that disrupted the entire payments system for doctor offices, pharmacies and other providers. 

Register now for the webinar: How GSK Built a Next-Generation TPRM Program and Tooling.

That hack and others exposed the inadequacy of conventional third-party risk management, with tools such as SOC reports, questionnaires, outside in scans – manual, point in time, partial-view methodologies (learn more in this blog post: Let’s Kill TPRM). What’s needed is a move to the next generation of TPRM along the lines of the FAIR-TAM (FAIR Third Party Assessment Model) with: 

Risk-based prioritization. Run a FAIR assessment of the risk a vendor poses to your organization as a first party.

–Comprehensive, continuous monitoring, with inside-out, real-time telemetry from the environments of your most critical vendors in addition to your own. 

–Actionable mitigations. Treat third parties as part of your attack surface. Apply Zero Trust Principles to TPRM. Effectively manage data access, network access and revenue dependency towards third parties.

GSK manages 60,000 third-party relationships, including outside  contractors with access to its infrastructure or its data (for instance, to conduct clinical trials). GSK is effectively shepherding a huge attack surface and, as a result, is deeply focussed on prioritizing its TPRM efforts to reduce risk and build collaboration with supply chain partners.  

Marek Jakubczak – GSKIn this webinar, Marek Jakubczak, Cyber Risk Leader at GSK, will lay out how GSK runs a third-party risk management program - call it TPRM 2.0 – with automation, AI, and cyber risk quantification. Contributing to the discussion will be Ram Vemula, Product Management Head of Partnerships for Safe Security.  

Join us Wednesday, July 17, 2024, 8 AM PT - 11 AM ET to learn how you can launch your own advanced TPRM program, leveraging available resources in your organization. Register now for the webinar, How GSK Built a Next-Generation TPRM Program and Tooling.

This webinar is sponsored by the FAIR Institute’s Technical Advisor, Safe Security. Read a Safe Security white paper, TPRM Program Blueprint: Your Guide for Transforming Third Party Risk Management



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