Write for the FAIR Institute Blog! Call for Blog Post Submissions

Everyone Has a Story - FAIR Institute BlogOver the years, we’ve had many great posts written for the FAIR Institute blog by FAIR Institute members. And we’re convinced there are more like these out there waiting to be written:

Black Swans in Risk: Myth, Reality and Bad Metaphors 

By Tony Martin-Vegue, Chair, San Francisco Chapter  

Shopping for Cyber Loss Data 

By Allison H. K. Seidel, Member, Pittsburgh Chapter 

How Threat Intelligence Fits Within Risk Management  

By Wade Baker,  FAIR Institute Board Member 

The ‘Risk Therapist’ on Your Team: When It’s Time for an Intervention 

By Dr. Jack Freund, FAIR Institute Fellow  

Now, it’s your turn!

As you can see, members have written commentary on current issues for FAIR practitioners or in the risk world broadly, and advice on introducing and getting the most from FAIR.  We would welcome your posts on those topics or others that would be of interest to the FAIR community—especially your tips to fellow FAIR practitioners based on your experience.   

Some guidelines: 

  • Submissions accepted from FAIR Institute members only
  • Posts should range in length from 500 to 1500 words.  
  • Please, no sales pitches  
  • Your previously published article is OK if you have the republication rights.  
  • Space is limited on the FAIR Institute blog, so we may share some submitted posts in the LINK members area.  
  • Got a video or a recorded PowerPoint or other presentation? We’re interested in those for the blog, too.  

Send your submission as an attachment or link to in an email to memberservices@fairinstitute.org.  

I’m looking forward to seeing the creativity of the FAIR community – send those submissions in now! 

More great member posts:

The Rapid Rise of Cyber Fines Makes FAIR More Important Than Ever 

By Chip Block, Chair, Greater Washington, DC, Chapter 

Five Questions the Board Should Ask the CISO 

By Michael Radigan, Chair, Greater Ohio Chapter 

Second Thoughts on Secondary Loss in FAIR.  What Are Your Thoughts? 

By Osama Salah, Founder, United Arab Emirates Chapter  

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