Enterprise Membership Program

This FAIR Institute program benefits your organization by providing a cost-effective and convenient way to train your security & risk management teams and assess the maturity of your risk management program. The EMP is the best way for an organization to help a group of their employees gain individual General Membership to the FAIR Institute while also purchasing additional educational tools for them. 

Each of the different levels of Enterprise Membership packages bundle Institute training resources into group discounts for any size risk management team. Jump below to see a comparison of individual member costs. 

Benefits Include:

  • One-Time Risk Management Maturity Assessment performed by a FAIR Expert Risk Consultant
  • Online FAIR Analysis Fundamentals Training Course for each member to prepare for the Open FAIR Certification Exam
  • Board & Executive Cyber Risk Training for select members, offered by expert industry educators
  • Copies of the FAIR Book for each member part of the package
  • Representation on the FAIR Institute Board of Advisors Gold Tier members only can select one representative from their organization 
  • Automatic Institute Membership for all selected member employees of the organization 
  • Access to FAIR Educational Tools including the FAIR-U Tool, FAIR-on-a-page posters, online Resource Library access, and more!

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Pricing Tiers


15 Members


30 Members


60 Members


55% Savings


63% Savings


81% Savings 




Program Benefit

Regular List Price for 30 People
(per person)

Discounted Price for 30 People
(per person)
FAIR Analysis Fundamentals Training Course  $1,499   $1,295
Board & Executive Cyber Risk Training  $1,295   $995
Copy of the FAIR Book  $50 $0
Access to FAIR Educational Tools  $50   $0

One-time Risk Maturity Assessment
(per company)

$15,000   $10,000

(for 30 people)

$101,820 $55,000



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