Building your Information Risk Management Program

The FAIR Institute is an expert, non-profit organization led by information risk officers, CISOs and business executives to develop standard information risk management practices based on FAIRTM. Since our founding, we have received an increasing number of requests by professors and universities to create a risk management academic program based on the FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model. We are responding to those academic institutions and to a market demand for risk analysts who are well trained and well versed in quantitative risk analysis. The FAIR Institute has partnered with several universities already teaching FAIRTM based risk management courses to create the best program possible. We are proud to offer the FAIR University Curriculum to all higher education institutions to assist in building future leaders in information and cyber risk management.

 The FAIR Institute Provides You with 3 Main Deliverables


  • Written by industry experts and endorsed by academic leaders
  • Complete with weekly assignments and readings
  • Free and easy to download here: FAIR University Syllabus

A Textbook for Each Professor

  • Measuring and Managing Information Risk: A FAIR Approach
  • The award-winning FAIR Book provides a practical and credible model for understanding, measuring, and analyzing information risk of any size and complexity
  • This book covers key areas such as risk theory, risk calculation, scenario modeling, and risk communication within the organization
Free Access to our Risk Analysis Software, FAIR-U
  • FAIR-U is the perfect companion to the theoretical training provided
  • FAIR-U allows students to conduct single FAIR-based risk analysis
  • You can create your own account on the FAIR-U page

 Benefits of using the FAIR University Curriculum

Teach Your Students How to Manage the Economics of Cybersecurity

Obtain an "Out of the Box" Program based on a Standard Risk Model and Latest Research
  • Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIRTM) is the international, standard quantitative model for information security and informational risk
  • The FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model defines the necessary building blocks for implementing effective cyber risk management programs.
  • Being able to quantify cyber risk is at the core of any such program; after all, "You cannot manage what you don't measure."
Network and Collaborate with Leading Academics and Industry Experts to Learn about Innovative Risk Management Practices

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 Education Partners

SJSU     WASHSTL        UMass Amherst       Ferris State       CMU        Pepperdine       VT   Marymount University  

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