The Risk Analysis Training Application based on FAIR

FAIR-U-Training-App-LogoThe FAIR Institute is proud to offer FAIR-U, our first officially sanctioned training web application for running
FAIR analyses, guaranteed to correctly leverage the FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to put into practice the concepts you learned in the FAIR Book
FAIR Training, or to test risk quantification before considering a commercial enterprise-level solution, 
FAIR-U is for you.

The tool is offered free of charge by RiskLens, Technical Advisor to the FAIR Institute.


Test Your FAIR Knowledge and Conduct Your First Risk Analysis


FAIR-U Demo Clip

 FAIR-U allows you to:

  1. Perform single FAIR-based risk analyses
  2. Learn about the FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model and the different data inputs
  3. Take advantage of embedded Monte Carlo simulations for your quantitative risk analysis
  4. Communicate about risk in financial terms
  5. Apply the knowledge acquired with the a FAIR Training Course and prepare for FAIR Certification
  6. Integrate with the FAIR University Curriculum, to get students hands-on experience in risk analysis




             Click the image above to view our FAIR-U Demo. 


A Better Alternative to Do-It-Yourself Spreadsheets

FAIR-U is our first officially sanctioned training application for running FAIRTM quantitative risk analyses.

Guaranteed to correctly leverage the FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model
Better alternative to do-it-yourself spreadsheets
Spreadsheet approaches have inherent limitations, require programming and quickly become unwieldy 
Natively supports guided scoping, calibrated estimates and Monte Carlo simulations


Feature Spreadsheet-based Tools FAIR-U RiskLens
Single risk analysis - Native FAIR yes yes yes
Single risk analysis - Guided/Detailed no no yes
Single risk analysis - Guided/Rapid Risk Assessment no no yes
Aggregated (multi-scenario) risk analyses no no yes
Risk Treatment Analysis no no yes
Cost-Benefit Analysis no no yes
Trending over time no no yes
Embedded reporting no no yes
Guaranteed conformity to FAIR no yes yes
Scenario scoping via programming yes yes
Guided scoping no no yes
Supports Calibrated Estimations via programming yes yes
Embedded Monte Carlo simulations via programming yes yes
Data rationale collection via programming yes yes
Guided data collection workflow no no yes
Data Management no no yes
Industry Data no no yes
Asset Management no no yes
Data import & export APIs no no yes
GRC Integration no no yes
SaaS no yes yes
Enterprise-ready Security * no no yes

* FIPS 140-2 Certified Encryption; Single Sign-On (SSO); Detailed Logging and Reporting; Role Based Access Controls; Secure Hosting Environment; SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, Regular Penetration Testing, Availability SLA