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FAIR, Okay, Now What-Steps to Set Up a Quantitative Risk MGT Program at Any Org with Michael Meis

Video with Slides | FAIRCON

This track is focused on helping folks who are in the early stages of the FAIR journeys. Remember that our theme of “SCALE” can mean many things depending on where you are today. You can scale from nothing to something, or from something to more. The important part is that you take a step forward and get started today! And the next four sessions in this track are going to help you do exactly that. So, let’s hear from them and start off! Reminder for those who are attending in-person, please use the QR code on page 2 in your program and follow the instructions to submit questions. For those attending virtually please use the Ask a Question block below the livestream to submit your questions.

First up today is Michael Meis, Associate CISO at KU Health. Michael will be presenting his case study session titled “FAIR: Okay, Now What?” - Steps to Set Up a Quantitative Risk Management Program at Any Organization.” Welcome Michael!

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