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Jack Jones Managing Cybersecurity Surprises - the Executives Perspective

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“Executives hate surprises” begins a new white paper, Managing Cybersecurity Surprises – the Executive’s Perspective, by FAIR model creator Jack Jones, and goes on to detail the four most likely reasons that organizations get blindsided by cybersecurity failures:

Poor visibility into the risk landscape
Mis-prioritizing critical issues
Failure to deal with root causes of problems
Poor communication
Jack goes into detail on each of these obstacles with some hands-on advice for senior managers in dealing with the (often psychological) limitations that keep organizations from overcoming them.

His conclusion:

“The bottom line is that unless organizations get a firm grip on the issues I've discussed in this white paper, it doesn’t matter how much money is thrown at cybersecurity or how much executive support is given to CISOs. Executives (and customers) will still be exposed to significantly unpleasant cybersecurity surprises.”

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