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Leveraging Risk Quantification to Build An Integrated Risk Management Program

Video with Slides | IBM

Our last session in Track 2 today is presented by Damian Apone, Global Director, Governance, Risk & Compliance at Genuine Parts Company and Chris Correia, Associate Partner at IBM.

They will discuss the journey that GPC has undertaken with IBM’s support to build a holistic risk management program. They will discuss how GPC decided to use risk quantification as a foundational capability to enhance risk identification, risk reporting and prioritization of security projects to optimize GPC’s security operations. Damian will share his experiences working with leadership to demonstrate the value of risk quantification along with some of the challenges and early successes the organization faced in the adoption of risk quantification. In addition, Damian and Chris will discuss how risk quantification is supporting GPC as in their review of risk appetite, executive level reporting and cybersecurity insurance.

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