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Presentation: Subjective Judgements: Outperforming Your Current Best Experts with Doug Hubbard

Video with Slides | FAIRCON

Now, please allow me to introduce our next session with Doug Hubbard titled “Subjective Judgements: Outperforming Your Current Best Experts.”

When the data is sparse, the judgement of your experts is critical to quantitative cybersecurity estimates.  Doug will discuss recent research and some well-worn approaches to measuring, improving, and aggregating the judgements of your experts. As the inventor of the powerful Applied Information Economics (AIE) method, Doug has completed over 160 projects for the application of AIE to solve current business issues in many areas including IT benefits and risks including cybersecurity, engineering risks, market forecasts for pharma and medical devices, environmental policy, mergers & acquisitions, Silicon Valley startups, the likelihood of success of new movies, and military logistics to name a few.

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