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Today’s Best Practices for Cybersecurity Risk Measurement - FAIR Institute Seminar at RSAC23

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At RSAC23 this week, FAIR Institute Chairman Jack Jones challenged an audience of 400 in two seminars to move beyond today’s common cyber risk measurement practices that don’t reliably measure risk and re-focus on some basic techniques advanced in Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR™).

Cutting to the heart of the problem, Jack said, “We exist as a profession to help our organizations manage the frequency and magnitude of loss event scenarios. Today’s common risk measurement practices do not support that objective” – specifically use of control frameworks like NIST CSF or maturity models like C2M2 as stand-ins for true risk measurement.

Done right, cyber risk analysis should deliver results that enable prioritization of cybersecurity projects based on cost-benefit analysis, as well as communicating risk in the business terms that the organization understands, Jack said. He outlined three requirements to hit that level. 

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