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Use Case Panorama - How Quantification Enables Risk-Aligned Decision Making

Video with Slides | FAIRCON

Video recording and slide deck below

Real-life business decisions at some of the world's largest companies are being made every day based on quantitative risk assessments. These presenters will walk you through actual decisions that they made, how it was informed by an analysis, and how results were analyzed and presented. Led by moderator Chris Patteson, Executive Director of the Risk Transformation Office at RSA, please help me welcome the panelists to the stage:

  • Alex Rogozhin, VP of InfoSec Data Intelligence at BB&T
  • Laura Voicu, Senior Security Architect at Swisscom
  • Luke Domet, Center of Excellence Lead - Technology Risk Assessments at Fidelity Investments
  • India Sutton, Global Cyber Risk Management Specialist at Daimler Mobility AG
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