Safe Security


Safe Security is the leading cyber risk quantification company that acts as the Technical Advisor to the FAIR Institute. Safe Security is committed to the development and adoption of FAIRTM, as the leading quantitative risk analysis, standard Value-at-Risk model for information security and operational risk.

Safe's responsibilities and commitments to serve the mission of the Institute and to support its members include:

  • Sharing expertise on FAIRTM topics that leverage the experience of its author and many live implementations.
  • Financing a large portion of the FAIR Institute expenses for workgroups and events.
  • Promoting FAIR Institute events to customers, partners and others.
  • Assisting with research that further develops the FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model.
  • Introducing consultancies, technology vendors, potential partners and training institutions to the FAIRTM community.
  • Creating the FAIR Institute website, community site and other online assets.
  • Hosting FAIR Institute teleconferences and meetings.
  • Developing, analyzing and sharing benchmarking data.

In return for the significant contribution of funds, time, expertise, and intellectual property to the FAIR Institute, Safe Security retains the prerogative to serve as the FAIR Institute exclusive technology advisor.

History of the FAIR Institute


The FAIR Institute was born following the promotion of the  FAIRTM quantitative risk analysis model Jack Jones, while at RiskLens, at many risk and informations security conferences, the publication of the FAIR book and the recognition of FAIRTM as an international standard. Many FAIRTM practitioners and executives at organizations that are standardizing on FAIR as their information risk methodology expressed the need for an independently governed community of FAIRTM practitioners.