10 Interesting People You’ll Meet at the 2017 FAIR Conference

Do you want to hear from and network with the best in the risk management industry? The 2017 FAIR Conference is going to be a powerful event that brings together the world’s top FAIR practitioners.  Here are just some of the great speakers that you will meet and hear from at the conference.



Jack Jones 

The creator of FAIR, Jack Jones, is the foremost authority and most popular thought leader in the field of information risk management. Jack is the Chairman of The FAIR Institute, EVP of Research and Development at RiskLens, and a three times CISO.

Jack will be opening up the conference with his forward-thinking keynote address "Risk Management in 2017: Where Do We Go from Here?" 

The keynote will include how the industry is doing right now with results from the Risk Management Maturity Benchmark Survey, as well as a path for the future of information risk management.





Drew Simonis 

Drew Simonis is the Director of Cyber Risk and Governance at Hewlett Packard Enterprises. He will be a panelist on Effectively Leveraging FAIR to Reset Your Risk Management Program. Drew currently uses FAIR as part of HPE's overall risk transformation and a means to better justify security programs.






 Wade Baker

Wade Baker, founder of the Cyentia Institute, the Verizon DBIR, and FAIR Institute Board Member, is moderating the panel, What CISOs Need to Tell the Board about Cyber and Technology Risk. Wade advocates that a main value of FAIR is the ability to help people “think through a problem in risk-oriented terms".






Christopher Porter

Christopher Porter, CISO at Fannie Mae and FAIR Institute Board Member, will be a panelist on What CISOs Need to Tell the Board about Cyber and Technology Risk. Christopher has over 15 years of experience in IT and security positions and, in his current role, helps to communicate the importance of information security across the enterprise and to mature and innovate Fannie Mae's defense and response capabilities.




David-Sheronas-862033-edited.png David Sheronas

David Sheronas, Vice President of Global Information Security at Bank of America is leading the case study presentation, Building a Sustainable FAIR Program. Along with his team members, Jack Whitsitt and Ryan Critchfield, David will talk about creating and leading the FAIR Program and FAIR Analysis Team at Bank of America. David and his team have completed impactful analyses from the tactical to strategic level while successfully embedding FAIR within previously existing risk/issue management processes.




Larry Clinton 

Larry Clinton, President of the Internet Security Alliance, is one of the longest serving advocates for cybersecurity in Washington, D.C. Larry is presenting the Day 2 keynote address The Cybersecurity Social Contract - Implementing a Market-Based Model for Cybersecurity. Larry has helped push Congress and multiple administrations to take a holistic approach to information security issues.






Bill Barouski

FAIR Institute Board Member Bill Barouski was first drawn to the FAIR model while serving as Executive VP and CISO for the Federal Reserve System “because of its purity and simplicity.” Bill is going to be the moderator of the panel, How to Balance Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance.







Joel Baese

As the 2016 FAIR Champion Award Winner, Joel Baese used FAIR to move to quantitative risk analysis at both a major defense contractor and the world’s largest retailer. This year, Joel is speaking on the panel, Effectively Leveraging FAIR to Reset Your Risk Management Program and will highlight ways “to overcome resistance of moving from qualitative to quantitative ways to measure risk.”





Kirk Herath

Kirk Herath, Chief Privacy Officer and Associate General Counsel at Nationwide Insurance, will be a panelist on How to Balance Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance. Kirk will be providing “examples of how in-house legal counsel uses FAIR to help a Fortune 100 company govern data privacy and security risk.”





Evan Wheeler

Evan Wheeler is a FAIR Institute Board Member, Operational Risk Workgroup Chair, and presenter of the case study presentation, Managing Operational Risk Using FAIR. As a self-proclaimed FAIR Evangelist, Evan works to spread the message that FAIR can be applied to operational risk “very readily and for a lot or organizations.”


Now is your chance to sign up for FAIRCON17 to meet with and hear from these great panelists and many more. Discount tickets end on September 30. Reserve your spot today.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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