C-Risk, Pioneering FAIR Consultancy in Europe, Sponsors the FAIR Institute

We are pleased to announce that C-Risk, the risk management consulting firm based in Paris and a pioneer of FAIR in Europe, has joined the FAIR Institute’s roster of sponsors

C-Risk Co-Founders Christophe Forêt and Tom Callaghan (left to right in the photo), launched the European chapter of the FAIR Institute, our first international chapter, in 2018, and have spread the word about quantitative risk management across the Continent through their consulting work and their activities as Co-Chairs of the Europe chapter. They were honored with the FAIR Ambassador Award at the 2021 FAIR Conference. 

“C-Risk is proud to be a major sponsor of the FAIR Institute,” Christophe Forêt said. “Over the past few years, we have helped launch and animate FAIR chapters in France, the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, and have contributed to the adoption of the FAIR standard for quantifying cyber and technology risk in financial terms.

“Today marks an important milestone for C-Risk as we increase our investment in the global FAIR community and strengthen our commitment to improved, data-driven cyber risk management.”

As Christophe and Tom explained in this Meet the Members video interview, the intensifying regulatory environment in the UK and Europe (with GDPR, DORA and more) is driving high interest in FAIR. With FAIR analysis, “you can take GDPR and break it into a number of different risk scenarios,” Tom said. “And it also lets you think in more of a rational manner about fines and judgments in that space but also the other kinds of losses associated with GDPR.” Learn more: Risk-Based GDPR Compliance with FAIR – Q&A with European Chapter Co-Chairs Christophe Forêt and Tom Callaghan of C-Risk.

Tom and Christophe have also generously shared their FAIR expertise as speakers at the annual FAIR Conferences and the Institute’s Europe Summits. See these examples:

FAIRCON22 Video: How to Launch a FAIR CRQ Program that’s Low on Resources, High on Strategy

FAIR Institute London Summit 2023 Video – Tips on Communicating Risk to the Board and Senior Management: “Tell Better Stories” with Quantification

Meet Christophe and Tom at the upcoming FAIR Institute Europe Summit, March 13 in Paris. Register for the Summit now.

Learn more at the C-Risk website

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