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FAIR Institute Launches FAIR Enablement Program

[fa icon="calendar"] Aug 6, 2019 12:22:33 PM / by Luke Bader

Luke Bader

To support the rapid pace of growth in new membership to the FAIR Institute - now at 6,000 members strong and anticipated to surpass 7,000 by year end - the FAIR Institute is growing its support capability and focus on enablement programs for all of its members worldwide. The Institute is proud to announce the addition of Fair Enablement Specialists (FES) to the team. These individuals - trained in FAIR and in best practices for on-boarding, education, corporate awareness of the FAIR model and community involvement - will act as liaisons to new and existing members to help with individual and broader corporate awareness goals for adopting the FAIR model to build quantitative risk management programs.  

Luke Bader is Director, Memberships and Programs, for the FAIR Institute.

The mission of the FES team is to help members tap into the FAIR community and take advantage of a wealth of resources at their disposal - such as: 

  • FAIR training opportunities for individuals and groups  
  • FAIR executive briefings 
  • Quarterly FAIR chapter meetings held through 17 chapters worldwide
  • Connecting the FAIR community to the best educational resources available, including the LINK community platform and webinars
  • The annual FAIR Conference (coming up September 24-25 at National Harbor, MD, outside Washington) and other events — like our upcoming CISO Breakfast Meeting at Black Hat, August 7

With FAIR Institute membership burgeoning - and expectations for exponential growth to continue through 2020 -  we’re raising our commitment to help members get the most out of their participation in the Institute and to strengthen the community at large. The FAIR Enablement Specialist team is already responding to the dozens of new members joining the FAIR Institute daily and will soon be reaching out to existing members to help understand their specific needs.

As always, I will remain available to you for any of your technical needs related to the LINK community platform, to support FAIR Chapters with scheduling and agenda setting, to help with questions you may have related to your membership status or FAIRCON 19. 

The future in information and operational risk management will be quantified - and The FAIR Institute is here to help make that future a reality for you and your organization.

We look forward to talking to each of you soon! 

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Luke Bader

Written by Luke Bader

Luke Bader is Director, Membership and Programs for FAIR Institute

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