Meet 3 FAIR Institute Members from Raytheon, Allstate and Pacific Northwest Laboratory [Video]

What's the value of FAIR to risk professionals?  Why do they join the FAIR Institute?  We asked Institute members in attendance at the 2018 FAIR Conference for their thoughts on learning and implementing FAIR, on personal and organizational change and the FAIR movement. We'll be running video excerpts of our conversations over time. 

Jayme Toolsie

Manager, Enterprise IT Security Human Risk

Raytheon Company


“Convincing folks to let go of that stoplight, that heat map and showing them it’s safe to move over to those financial terms--and you can add more value to the business, you can actually do more with less--painting that picture has absolutely been a journey. I think if you can have people understand the FAIR process, they can put more trust in the results.”


Alonzo Walker

Lead Cybersecurity Risk Consultant



"FAIR gives you a better chance at giving the outcome of the probability that an event may or may not occur. It’s not a perfect science right now and I think that as you continue to mature, you continue to get data points, and at that time, you’ll be able to make better decisions, you’ll have better scenarios. and once you get a pool of data, now you can go back and refine that data, which will give you an even better way of calibrating outcomes."


Steve Cramer

Information System Security Manager

Pacific Northwest National Laboratory – PNNL



“I always felt I was pretty weird wanting to quantify and measure things that everyone says are immeasurable. So, it’s fun to find out there is a group of other people trying to do the same thing.”

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