Meet a Member Podcast: Roland Cloutier of ADP, FAIR Pioneer

Roland-CloutierEarly adopters (2011) and still on the cutting edge of FAIR practice – that’s the team led by Roland Cloutier Corporate VP and Global Chief Security Officer at ADP, the giant payroll processor. Roland is also author of Becoming a Global Chief Security Executive Officer: A How to Guide for Next Generation Security Leaders and was honored at the 2017 FAIR Conference with the FAIR Business Innovation Award.

Listen to the Meet a Member Podcast with Roland Cloutier, ADP (12 minutes)

Roland and FAIR Institute Director of Membership and Programs Luke Bader cover a lot of ground in this 12-minute talk, including:

  • Roland’s three tips for starting and building a successful FAIR program
  • How ADP defines the risk mission as “business operations protection”
  • How to keep security in the game in a time of “digital transformation” and avoid getting run over by the rest of the business
  • How to run a security operation collecting risk information at scale – for ADP, that’s 20 billion events a day – and “use that information to get a truly transparent view across the business”

 Listen to the Meet a Member Podcast with Roland Cloutier, ADP now.

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